Ethan Gapay

2nd Year Computing and Information Technology Student at Rochester Institute of Technology

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REP: Class – Greene Street Project

Sources The data and information are a little embedded into the website having to go through several links in order to find the information about the site’s making and all those who contributed to the creation of the site. Processes The processes of completing this reverse engineering project we broke into 3 deadlines which posed […]

Blog Post #9: Video Game Accessibility

The game I decided to do further research on regarding video game accessibility is the game Tetris Effect by designed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi and was developed by the companies Resonair, Monstars, and Stage Games. The picture below sends you to the homepage of the Tetris Effect game where you can browse patch notes, community posts, […]

Blog Post #8

The creation of buildings within certain is most likely a beneficial addition to a certain place to some people. However, after reading this article, “Mapping Access: Digital Humanities, Disability Justice, and Sociospatial Practice”, by Aimi Hamraie, it really gave me an eye-opening realization that there is a wide range of people that need to be […]

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