The DHSS-101 Computation and Culture class so far has proved to teach useful tools and concepts not only to a computing student such as myself, but to all who take the class. The ability to evaluate a website in regards to gather information is an important tool since almost all of the resources come from websites on the internet. I have found that the more of the assigned reverse engineering projects we do, the greater understanding I have on the process of evaluating websites. What I have found interesting so far is the user-friendly, easy to use WordPress website. My original thoughts about making a website seemed to be overwhelming at first as I have never created one on my own before. Being taught the simple instructions to do so made creating a website feel like a breeze. I had my own page up and running on WordPress’ servers with easy to add pages, blog posts, and to customize it to my own!

As I said previously, the reverse engineering team projects have extremely helpful in the evaluation of a website. By also getting other team members input about what they think about the site, I can get alternative perspectives as why data might be hard to find for them but not for me. Not everyone views everything the same way so getting that other person to look at it made my evaluations of the sites reverse engineering a lot more concise. One thing that I learned about the digital humanities I did not know previously was that technology plays a large part in the humanities. When I first read the class description, I did not have a clear understanding of the digital humanities but as I was taught different concepts I realized that the humanities we see today are mostly from our computer screen. The way certain information about the humanities is presented to us and the different ways to accommodate for certain people digitally came as a shock to me as I never knew there was such a big impact it had.

After receiving feedback from my peers, I have looked at my site to check for the ease of information and navigation. I used my tools that I have learned in class to reverse engineer my website and ironically saw that there was many flaws with it. I had large empty spaces in-between segments and a not clear navigation of my site. I updated it to let user’s eyes be able to see a lot of information in a segment without it being an eye sore.

Moving on the to second half of the semester I am very optimistic in my researching skills, I just have to refine my website skills a little more. I believe with enough practice I can make my website stand out and be more appealing to all who visit my site.

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